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The Life Sciences Building

I have taken some photos of the new University of Bristol Life Sciences building on Tyndall Avenue. I am really liking the architectural abstract parts of the building a lot, there are some great lines and curves. It’s nice to see a new building that isn’t a straight and boring box, like so many of the new buildings in Bristol.

The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building

The Cosy Club Bristol

I popped into the Cosy Club  Bristol on Monday,  as I knew that it had recently opened up in Corn Street just to have a look and simply to have a cup of tea.

I was blown away by the beautiful interior architecture of the building it had been refurbished as well and looks great.

While I was in having my tea I was a bit cheeky and asked if it was ok to take a few photos and these are the ones I took while mooching around and the tea was great as well as the very helpful staff so no complaints and I will be going back !

2014.07-Cosy Club-0022-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0056-Edit-Edit
Red Curves
2014.07-Cosy Club-0038-Edit
Mug Shots
2014.07-Cosy Club-0042-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0045-Edit
Sky Lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0062-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0163-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0063-Edit
Coat of Arms
2014.07-Cosy Club-0067-Edit
Lines and Curves
2014.07-Cosy Club-0075-Edit
Lamp …. lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0085-Edit
Lamp …. Lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0092-Edit
Abstract Lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0171-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0028-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0154-Edit
All In A Line
2014.07-Cosy Club-0141-Edit
Deer Me!
2014.07-Cosy Club-0095-Edit-Edit
Just Another Light Abstract
2014.07-Cosy Club-0111-Edit
Window Seat
2014.07-Cosy Club-0115-Edit
Cosy Room
2014.07-Cosy Club-0127-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0158-Edit-Edit
more Lines
2014.07-Cosy Club-0050-Edit
Red and Blue


Tea and Marmite

I have taken photos of this building before usually when I’m passing I have a look and see if theres no scaffolding on it, as something always seems to be done with this building.

Today, for the first time, I had someone appear (seemingly from nowhere) and ask, in a very confrontational tone, that most irritating question when you are taking a photo; “What are you doing?”. The temptation to say something sarcastic sometimes gets the better of me! This time, however, I was quite jovial about it and said the obvious, “I’m taking a photo.” after which I waited for the normal reply “WHY!”. But this time it didn’t come, there was only a, “Can you leave? This is private property.” followed by a sternly pointed finger toward to the wet floor sign I had walked passed and completely missed while checking my camera settings, as you do (well I do), while thinking of the shot. I was going to argue but I was in too good a mood and just smiled and walked off.

Perhaps being someone who likes to take photos of almost anything that catches my eye, after all they are meant for me and I see something in the image that appeals to me, it’s a personal thing. I don’t understand why some people, when they see someone taking photos of the unexpected, think there something funny going on or that I’m a bit on the strange side (actually, I’ve got no argument on that one). I think maybe, incorrectly, they live in a very closed and orderly world and I suppose maybe I’m being a little judgmental on someone I know nothing about.

It might be my imagination but I seem to be coming across this kind of situation quite a lot more lately. I was just going to bin the photo, as I’m not totally happy with it, and not mention the incident at all but I guess it serves a purpose this morning.

On a different note though, yesterday I spent part of the day watching one of Bristols best graffiti artists work on a commissioned piece. There was a lot of people going past, some were very complimentary and asked lots of good question and on the whole very positive about what was going on. A few, well lets say they were on the disapproving side.

I feel quite lucky as a lot of people that I know are; creative, imaginative, positive and, more importantly, open minded with a can do attitude. Or at the very least they will have a go regardless of success or failure but give their best!

I don’t know where that lot came from… Sorry for the long rambling post or if it doesn’t makes sense! But, I figure it might be worth somebodies time to read.

Anyway I hope that everyone has a great Monday and the week ahead and for me it’s time for tea and toast with Marmite!

A touch of blue sky
A touch of blue sky


Daft as it might seem I have always loved these stairs since I first spotted them about 6 years ago while walking around Bristol, they are at the back of a block of flats that don’t look anything special compared to these stairs.

I so like there very clean design and simply shape and I got a chance to take some photos this week of them and I got quite excited by the opportunity … I’m easily  pleased !

Blue on blue


Night Walk

I popped out for a hour with my camera the other night just to get some fresh air and get off the computer.

So I drifted over to one of the large car parks that Bristol seems to attract and had a go at re-shooting some photos I had taken in the past and had a very pleasant time grabbing these photos but then unfortunate had to get back on the computer to edit them!

That Reminds Me !