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The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is a world-class hot air ballooning festival and one of the UK’s top five outdoor events. Held in the rolling hills of Ashton Court on the edge of Bristol, it is a hugely popular free event and one of my personal favorites of the many events held in and around the Bristol area.

Balloon Fiesta 8

Balloon Fiesta 7

Balloon Fiesta 6

Balloon Fiesta 5

Balloon Fiesta 4

Balloon Fiesta 3

Balloon Fiesta 2

Balloon Fiesta 1

Just a touch of colour

I have always been drawn to colour’s whether just one or loads of colour’s they make me smile and that’s as good as any reason to take a photo as any!

Colour 1
Colourful material
My Copyright#1
Wavy blue abstract
Colour 3
Colour 4
Red Roses
My Copyright#1
Concrete Rainbow
My Copyright#1
My Copyright#1
My Copyright#1
Railings in the morning sun
My Copyright#1
The Up balloon
Colour 10
My Copyright#1
Colour 14
Colour 12
Colour 15