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Tea and Marmite

I have taken photos of this building before usually when I’m passing I have a look and see if theres no scaffolding on it, as something always seems to be done with this building.

Today, for the first time, I had someone appear (seemingly from nowhere) and ask, in a very confrontational tone, that most irritating question when you are taking a photo; “What are you doing?”. The temptation to say something sarcastic sometimes gets the better of me! This time, however, I was quite jovial about it and said the obvious, “I’m taking a photo.” after which I waited for the normal reply “WHY!”. But this time it didn’t come, there was only a, “Can you leave? This is private property.” followed by a sternly pointed finger toward to the wet floor sign I had walked passed and completely missed while checking my camera settings, as you do (well I do), while thinking of the shot. I was going to argue but I was in too good a mood and just smiled and walked off.

Perhaps being someone who likes to take photos of almost anything that catches my eye, after all they are meant for me and I see something in the image that appeals to me, it’s a personal thing. I don’t understand why some people, when they see someone taking photos of the unexpected, think there something funny going on or that I’m a bit on the strange side (actually, I’ve got no argument on that one). I think maybe, incorrectly, they live in a very closed and orderly world and I suppose maybe I’m being a little judgmental on someone I know nothing about.

It might be my imagination but I seem to be coming across this kind of situation quite a lot more lately. I was just going to bin the photo, as I’m not totally happy with it, and not mention the incident at all but I guess it serves a purpose this morning.

On a different note though, yesterday I spent part of the day watching one of Bristols best graffiti artists work on a commissioned piece. There was a lot of people going past, some were very complimentary and asked lots of good question and on the whole very positive about what was going on. A few, well lets say they were on the disapproving side.

I feel quite lucky as a lot of people that I know are; creative, imaginative, positive and, more importantly, open minded with a can do attitude. Or at the very least they will have a go regardless of success or failure but give their best!

I don’t know where that lot came from… Sorry for the long rambling post or if it doesn’t makes sense! But, I figure it might be worth somebodies time to read.

Anyway I hope that everyone has a great Monday and the week ahead and for me it’s time for tea and toast with Marmite!

A touch of blue sky
A touch of blue sky