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The Cosy Club Bristol

I popped into the Cosy Club  Bristol on Monday,  as I knew that it had recently opened up in Corn Street just to have a look and simply to have a cup of tea.

I was blown away by the beautiful interior architecture of the building it had been refurbished as well and looks great.

While I was in having my tea I was a bit cheeky and asked if it was ok to take a few photos and these are the ones I took while mooching around and the tea was great as well as the very helpful staff so no complaints and I will be going back !

2014.07-Cosy Club-0022-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0056-Edit-Edit
Red Curves
2014.07-Cosy Club-0038-Edit
Mug Shots
2014.07-Cosy Club-0042-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0045-Edit
Sky Lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0062-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0163-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0063-Edit
Coat of Arms
2014.07-Cosy Club-0067-Edit
Lines and Curves
2014.07-Cosy Club-0075-Edit
Lamp …. lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0085-Edit
Lamp …. Lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0092-Edit
Abstract Lights
2014.07-Cosy Club-0171-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0028-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0154-Edit
All In A Line
2014.07-Cosy Club-0141-Edit
Deer Me!
2014.07-Cosy Club-0095-Edit-Edit
Just Another Light Abstract
2014.07-Cosy Club-0111-Edit
Window Seat
2014.07-Cosy Club-0115-Edit
Cosy Room
2014.07-Cosy Club-0127-Edit
2014.07-Cosy Club-0158-Edit-Edit
more Lines
2014.07-Cosy Club-0050-Edit
Red and Blue