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Nelson Mandela

I had the very good fortune this weekend to watch and document a wonderful piece of art being created in tribute to Nelson Mandela.

The Work was commissioned  by PRSC and painted by Paintsmiths  artists  Felix Braun ( FLX ) and Jake Dones ( Dones ) on Jamaica Street , Stokes Croft in Bristol.

2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0354-Edit
Jamaica Street
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0044-Edit
Jake Drones
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0057-Edit
Felix Braun and Jake Drones
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0131-Edit
PRSC Outdoor Gallery
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0158-Edit
Night painting
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0226-Edit
PRSC Outdoor Gallery
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0239-Edit
Working Together
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0295-Edit
PRSC Outdoor Gallery
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0301-Edit-Edit
Whole piece
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0305-Edit
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0307-Edit
2014.01-Nelson Mandela-0315-Edit
Nelson Mandela